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A Strong Woman

This quote has wonderful imagery. Does it remind you of anyone in your world? Cherish her!


Do Not Stop

It takes longer to build muscle than it does to lose it. Another great reason to keep going!


Workout Today


Toughness in Spirit

I couldn't agree more!

Change vs. Results

Such a minuscule difference with the potential to be a life changer.

results vs. change

Fear Is a Liar

We often walk around with preconceived notions of what we can't do - usually resulting from misplaced comments made by someone else. Don't let anyone or anything dictate your limitations.

Break through the fear barrier it's liberating!

Train Like a Beast

Jump Squat

Looking for a different cardiovascular exercise to compliment your home routine? Jump squats are a great way to kick up the heart rate and work the lower body.

A fun way to integrate a high energy exercise into your workout is to start with intervals of 5-10 and work your way to 15, 20, or 30. Pairing this exercise with alternating 1 minute intervals each of push ups and bicycle abdominal crunches is a great way to get started toward a stronger, fitter YOU! Jump Squat

basic pushup Basic Push Up

Bicycle Crunch Bicycle Abdominal Crunch

To eliminate head and neck trauma while completing bicycle crunches:

focus on keeping elbows wide and fingertips barely touching the head.


Rebuild Stronger


Get Happier