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Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is often neglected when caring for others, but it is an important component to healthy weight loss or maintenance. (Too much sleep can also be detrimental to weight loss goals.) Take time to analyze your habits and how much quality sleep you're getting each night.

I am chronically sleep deprived due to my children's nightmares and illnesses. I am the "go to" caregiver for everyone. While this is rewarding, it produces negative health consequences. My main approach is going to bed at the same time as the kiddos. (Sadly, I'm not much of a napper!) Cheers to quality sleep :D


Choose Not to Listen

Negative thoughts can certainly bring us down. Be courageous and extinguish them - Choose Not to Listen!


Change Takes Time

For those of us that prefer instant gratification results - Remember, change takes time. When making any change to your diet or exercise routine, give yourself six (6) weeks before deciding whether it's working. Best of wishes toward meeting your goals!


Live In The Present

Watching my father-in-law live the last few hours of his life has reminded me to live in the present. Wishing you peace.


Abs: Made in the Kitchen

This is so true. An AWESOME REMINDER to make healthy food choices!


Earn Your Body

As my spouse and his family are enduring making life and death decisions for one of their parents, it's a good reminder how important it is to care for the body we've been given each and every day. We are lucky if we can get up and walk across the room!

I WILL eat right - I WILL exercise . . . I WILL earn my body!

How about YOU??


Believe in Yourself!!

Nothing could be closer to the truth!! All you have to do is believe in yourself - the rest will fall into place.

I Believe - Do YOU??


Hormones and Food

Delving into eating clean is an important step toward balancing hormones. The concept hit-home with me when reading the recent issue of Clean Eating Magazine. My husband had been on my case for years trying to understand why I would so easily become angry and shake when I was hungry. (It really became a problem as I turned 36 and had two kiddos.)

I had no idea how strong of a relationship the food I was eating had on my body until exploring the idea of eating foods that positively and negatively impact human hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.). In my situation, I produce a lot of estrogen and trace amounts of progesterone and testosterone. You may be wondering how I know this, right?? (I started seeing a hormone specialist every six months, after I turned 36, that checks my thyroid and other hormone levels because I have a low thyroid condition and perimenopause.)

According to the magazine, foods with NATURAL ESTROGEN include, but are not limited to:


Foods with ESTROGEN INHIBITORS (decrease estrogen and increase progesterone):


Turns out, all the foods I was eating promote natural estrogen. Hmmmm . . . not so good - I was experiencing spiked blood sugar both by eating poorly and consuming estrogen promoting foods. For an excellent, detailed explanation of this process, visit The Depot: Health, Fitness, and Athletic Performance - Why We Get Fat

Naturally, I was burning up my body from the inside out! Choosing different foods, that inhibit progesterone, I have balanced my mood, cut-down on belly fat, and stopped feeling shaky and queasy. (Feelings I associated with hunger.)

To prove it really does work, I shared the Clean Eating magazine issue with my friend. Within 2 days, she also noted a significant positive shift in mood swings. While I referenced this information elsewhere on my blog, I felt it necessary to give a little more detail for those battling mood swings and weight issues.

I'm interested in what you have to say about these ideas - WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS?



The SIMPLEST, purest MOTIVATION available is LAUGHTER. Cheers :D


Struggling Develops Strength

Excellent perspective to get us through hard times.