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Osteoarthritis Prevention

According to an article published by the Huffington Post, a compound found in broccoli, sulforaphane, may help slow the process of osteoarthritis and act as a prevention method. Here's a snippet from the article linked above:

Broccoli Compound Could Help Prevent, Slow Osteoarthritis

Posted: 08/29/2013 8:39 am EDT
broccoli osteoarthritis
A potential weapon against osteoarthritis could be right in the grocery produce aisle.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia found in lab studies that sulforaphane, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, seems to be able to prevent and slow progression of joint cartilage destruction that occurs in osteoarthritis.

The findings are promising, considering osteoarthritis -- which has no cure -- is the most common kind of arthritis.

"As well as treating those who already have the condition, you need to be able to tell healthy people how to protect their joints into the future. There is currently no way in to the disease pharmaceutically and you cannot give healthy people drugs unnecessarily, so this is where diet could be a safe alternative," study researcher Ian Clark, a professor of musculoskeletal biology at the university, said in a statement. "Although surgery is very successful, it is not really an answer. Once you have osteoarthritis, being able to slow its progress and the progression to surgery is really important. Prevention would be preferable and changes to lifestyle, like diet, may be the only way to do that."

The study, published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism, involved applying sulforaphane to human cartilage cells, as well as cow cartilage tissue. Researchers found that the compound seemed to slow down the destruction of such cartilage.

It seems proven time and again the importance of eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables keeps the human body healthiest - So, why does fast food still exist??


I will not!

Great reminder to stay the course when confronted with time off this weekend. Eat healthy and stay active to be FIT!


Productive or Not So Much?

At what point do you stop and ask yourself whether you’re being productive or just pushing yourself too hard and incapable of reaching the goal because you’re out of steam?


Commitment - Stay Loyal

Saw this on IDEA Health and Fitness page - a great reminder to follow through on commitments we make to ourselves.

commitment means

Carla's Cherry Crisp

Nights have started getting chilly here in Minnesota, so I couldn't think of anything better than cherry crisp to end a super busy week!


Instead of reaching for something super unhealthy and pre-made, I put together something simple using ingredients I had on-hand like these:


I put 1 container of Morello Cherries from Trader Joe's into a Pyrex dish,
mixed-in 1 Tablespoon flour, and 1 Teaspoon of Forti-Flax.

2 Cups Old-Fashioned Oats
4 Tablespoons unsalted butter (melted)
1/4 Cup Organic Maple Sugar (from Trader Joe's)
1 Teaspoon Pumpkin Pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves)

Thoroughly mix topping ingredients in a separate dish and spoon the topping mixture over the cherry base.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Turned my tired, negative mood into pure bliss :)

Focus on Healthy

"Stop focusing on being skinny. Focus on being healthy and the weight will take care of itself."

Being healthy is simply eating healthy foods and moving at least 10 minutes, 3 times per day.

We can alter this model to realize faster results by increasing the amount of time we exercise, level of exertion - how hard we work, number of days each week, etc.

The bottom line is that if we shift our focus to eating healthy foods and the proper amounts of food, the extra weight will come off.

However, when your diet seems healthy and no results are seen, it's time to consider whether there are hidden inflammation issues - food allergies, hidden calories consumed by alcohol, chronic dehydration created by not drinking enough water or too much salt that is preventing weight loss.

Focus on healthy


Exercise Intensity

Are you a hard-core exerciser?

With various types of exercises, class formats, and philosophies we have so many options on how hard we decide to work out. If you exercise at the top of your maximum heart rate range it's important not to push beyond your limits, but still keep your heart rate up. Working-out 2-3 times per week at your heart rate maximum is all it takes to increase endurance.

Doing my homework the other night, I attended a core boot camp class. Keep in mind every boot camp class is a bit different - it was totally my hard-core style and met the needs of every participant.

What's your preferred intensity - do you push it to the limits?


The Dog Ate My Homework!

"I don't have time to exercise" is the grownup version of "The dog ate my homework!"

It is true that we need to make time to exercise, but there are days in our lives that we don't feel we have enough hours OR energy in a day. On these days it's most important to stop the world from spinning for just 10 minutes to walk, run, or do something that gets the heart pumping.

If for no other reason, exercise helps us sleep better and feel less fatigued.

Prove It!

There are different reasons to exercise, for some people, THE ONLY REASON is proving themselves they can do it!

Work hard, be purposeful, and safe!

prove it to myself


Magazine Picks

Ever wonder which magazines offer solid advice on women's health and fitness AND whether to follow the advice?

I do! Women are conflicted with these types of questions EVERY TIME we walk by a magazine stand or open our mailbox to the newest issue we subscribe to. The magazines that I receive are outlined below, along with my opinion of the validity of its content:

  1. Clean Eating magazine is highly recommended as an excellent resource for anyone learning how to clean up their diet and make healthy food choices.

  2. Runner's World is a fabulous resource for runners of all levels. Every issue offers solid advice on running technique, shoes, and apparel.

  3. Fitness Magazine offers some pretty good advice on exercise and food suggestions. What I like about the information in this magazine are the quality of exercise suggestions and detailed information on how to accomplish each move. I believe the recipes and food suggestions aim toward overall healthy living, but do not offer long-term advice in any one area.

  4. Health magazine offers some good advice on how to look and feel pretty with respect to beauty tips and skin care. The rest of the information is based on fad diet and fitness trends that will, most likely, NOT meet your expectations because the advice cannot be followed long-term. I'm certain each issue is a bit different and mileage may vary.

  5. Family Circle is geared toward families, entertaining, decorating, fashion, and recipes. The recipes vary, but seem to consistently concentrate on healthy foods and recipes.

  6. Women's Health offers some good recipes, but anyone avoiding sugar should be wary, relationship, and skin care information. Not much substance for exercise.

If I had to pick just one magazine to read . . . it would be a professional magazine that isn't even on the stand!! But my top consumer mag picks are Clean Eating and Runner's World as specified above.

Whether or not to follow the advice in a magazine is something we have to sort out individually. The most important thing to remember about following the advice in a magazine or any other publication is whether or not you can follow it long-term?

Additionally, be aware of your goals - if you're looking for a QUICK FIX on losing weight, look no further because THERE ISN'T ONE! Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle take long-term effort.

Lastly, if there's ever a question about an exercise or proper technique be sure to get help from an exercise professional beforehand, rather than attempting it and ending up pulling a muscle or suffering from long-term pain and discomfort.

What are your favorite health and fitness magazines and Why?