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Summer Story

My story this summer has been crazy, hectic, and a bit off kilter. While I love having both my kids at home during summer break, it has been really hard to keep myself sane and on-track.

As most parents can relate, my food intake has been more centered around the kids than keeping my body properly fueled and burning strong. While I work with many lovely women each week, my personal workouts have suffered as a result of mommyhood.

Don't get me wrong, this summer has also been productive as I was able to put together upcoming Core Boot Camp classes in my community and website These are HUGE accomplishments!! While I'm super excited about all that is in store, I'm comforted by getting back into my own routine of eating healthfully, heavy lifting, and having a little sanity during the day.

What's your summer story?


Plant Love



Women Rock MN

Women Rock Minnesota is coming up August 31 sponsored by the Team Ortho Foundation.

Participants can run a 5K, 10K, or half marathon. Men of Rock Minnesota will be handing out sterling silver, ruby and diamond finisher's pendants at the end of the race (even champagne).

While general registration has closed, half marathon charitable entries are still available: Women Rock Minnesota

Participated in this race? I'd love to hear about your experience. Have a great day!

Pick a New Letter!


Get Out!

Get out. Whether it's 20 minutes or 2 hours. It Matters! Get out. Whether it's 20 minutes or 2 hours. It Matters!

Happy Friday

Just 10 Minutes

Give yourself 10 minutes everyday to . . . stretch, run, walk, dance, bike, blade, swim, volley, drive balls, do push ups, jog, kick, jump, squat, dribble, pass, lift, tuck, swing, pass, play, hike, climb, ski, punch, kick, block, row, garden, skate, chop, paddle . . .

JUST 10 minutes of exercise EVERYDAY!


Not Good Enough is BANNED

When I was little, I believed that I was not smart enough to go to college. As a parent, I sometimes believe "I'm not good enough" at getting my point across or teaching my children life lessons.

The words "I'm not good enough" should be BANNED because the reality is that we can be good at anything we choose.

YOU can do anything YOU choose!!

ban I'm not good enough

Step Forward

Women often fail to ask for what they want and automatically tell themselves "no" it isn't possible, it's not an option, it'll never happen . . .

Dare to ask for what you want and take that step forward - anything is possible, life is full of options, and it could happen for YOU!