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Exercise and Fatigue

Contemplating whether to exercise because you feel too tired?

It's important to figure out why you're tired. Are you:

  • Over-exercising or not exercising enough

  • Coming down with an illness

  • Consuming alcoholic beverages (dehydration increases likelihood of pulling a muscle)

  • Low on essential vitamins and minerals

  • Logging extra hours at work

  • Up more than one night with a kiddo

  • Bored or feeling lazy

As long as you're sure there's no major issue that will cause you physical harm, give yourself 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and see how you feel. At the end of 10 minutes and you still feel overly-tired, stop and move on with your day.

Dehydration - drink approximately 64 ounces of water before exercising.

Fatigue - 10 minutes of interval exercises and get a good night of sleep.

Diet - schedule a visit with your general M.D.

Bored - mix up your routine by hunting down a new exercise, sign up with a partner or team, or hire a personal trainer.

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Challenge to Move Beyond

Challenge can bring opportunities for growth and renewal. What have you done to challenge yourself lately?


You're Priceless


Your Limits


limits you set

Find a Way

So true!


You Get Stronger

Many times a client will ask, "If exercise feels hard, then why am I doing it?" My response, to reach your goals and accomplish activities you never thought you could, to feel stronger and more self-confident every day, and stay that way!

Strength gains are worth the effort, if done regularly, especially in later years. Simple activities, like lifting a box off the floor or counter, are taken for granted until the day comes that you just can't do it anymore. It's up to YOU to be the best YOU can be . . .

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Sweat Everyday

Take time out for YOU every day.

sweat everyday

What Motivates YOU

Every person feels motivated by different things. We're not all hard-core exercisers and may not want to be, so focus on what motivates YOU to move every day. You'll look and feel better, guaranteed!

focus on what motivates you


Nutrition for Weight Loss

Do YOU consider yourself active or athletic . . .  If NOT, are you confused which foods to eat to lose or maintain a healthy weight?

This week's posts have been geared toward understanding a healthy diet for various athletic lifestyles, but what about for weight loss?

The core diet information is the same - we MUST eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean meats.

Difference: To lose weight, we need to focus on portion control, eliminating or reducing simple carbohydrates and sugar for long-term results.

Sadly, eating cookies, cake, soda, crackers, chips, white bread, alcohol, and similar foods make us fat. While there's nothing wrong with having a treat. It's important to realize that "a treat" is something we do not eat on a daily or weekly basis.

portion control

Nutrition for Volleball Players

Do you or someone you know play volleyball . . . Any parents wondering what to feed their avid volleyball player?


My daughter recently started playing volleyball and, as we progressed into the season, I quickly realized that her diet needs became more essential and timely. Below are highlights of  an article published by the ACC: