Accepting Help

Accepting Help. This is a link to a great article by Attila Ovari posted on his blog My Life's Adventures discussing accepting help and the biases we have about letting others help us.

Often our own biases hold us back. With respect to personal training, many women feel incompetent and insecure about letting someone "into their world" to help them lose weight and feel better about themselves. The question I hear over and over is "Why can't I do this myself?" You certainly could if you had the desire to study the subject.

However, people specialize in certain areas of study because they're interested. In an area I may have interest and knowledge is not the same area another person finds interesting and chooses to delve into study. Does that make us incompetent? Should we feel insecure? Absolutely not.

The truth about the human body, especially for women, is that it changes drastically. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget about ourselves and end up in a situation where we just don't know what to do anymore. Our body feels too far gone, or out of shape, that we fear it just isn't possible to get back in shape.

What does it mean to be in shape anyway? The beauty is that one person's answer is slightly different from another person's. Looking like a "super model" isn't realistic, but feeling good and having plenty of energy to keep up with your family and lifestyle certainly is. It is a realistic expectation to fit into your clothes without feeling "stuffed" into them.

Accepting the help of a personal trainer doesn't have to be permanent, but the knowledge you receive about YOUR body to help you get back on track is certainly worth it -  NO SHAME required!

Best wishes on a wonderfully healthy weekend ;)
2013-07-12 12:34:31
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