Aim High


Bette Calman at 83 years

When it comes to health and fitness, you're never too old to reach your goals. A prime example of this is a female client well into her 70's. (You don't have to be Bette Calman to be extraordinary.)

How'd she do it?

Set a goal:

Her goal was to lose 20-30 pounds within a specified time period.

Make a plan:

The first goal was drinking plenty of water and walking 20 minutes per day. Whether that meant walking the halls in the apartment building or taking a stroll outdoors. Consistent movement is key.

Next, she cleaned up her diet. Significantly decreasing foods that provide little to no nutritional benefit like crackers and desserts. It's hard for everyone to make dietary changes, but it can be done painlessly!

Moving beyond the plateau meant working harder. We increased the intensity of her cardio exercise, used slightly heavier hand weights, and incorporated more body weight exercises.

Measure once, twice . . .

To continue the challenge, it's important to gauge where positive change has occurred and areas to continue working on. This meant listening to her feedback, understanding her goals, using basic assessment tests and administering them on a consistent basis, and focusing on continued improvement. Perfection is an aberration - pay attention to positive change.

Did she have setbacks?

Absolutely, but moving beyond the setbacks helped the victory feel even more awesome! When it comes to the body, there are many variables (chemical and psychological) and each person's body is different. Listening to your body and understanding how it works is just as important as making healthier lifestyle changes. As we get older, it's critical to work within your limits and pay attention to following the advice of your doctor. Within this realm, understand that prescription drugs can have a serious impact on overall health and well-being. A good example is high blood pressure medication. As a person loses weight and their body mass decreases it's common for their prescription dose to be lowered. Going to see your doctor when your body doesn't feel right will keep you safe and healthy.

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