Are you a cheater?!

On June 27, Sharon Osbourne talked about her food addiction and weight loss journey on ET. It caught my attention when she confessed that she does have cheat days. While I'm certain she has people who absolutely love and hate her, I think her no-nonsense attitude rocks!

The reality of weight loss is that no-one is perfect. We all have times when life takes over and we eat things that aren't good for us. Sometimes it feels 'Oh so wonderful' going down, but not so great afterward. Vomiting is definitely not the answer.

So, how do we maintain weight loss?

The key is maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes more fruits and veggies than anything else on a daily basis and, even on cheat days, going right back to your healthy eating routine. I've said it before and you've seen it elsewhere, but it's absolutely, positively TRUE - Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the weight room. The amount of fat we have on our bodies is reflected in our waistline and there's no (healthy) way around it.

Why even bother exercising?

Exercise speeds up the process of weight loss and strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, among other things. Unless you're a Farmer or in a physical labor profession, exercise must happen on a regular (weekly) basis in order to be physically healthy. That's just how we're made!

Are you a cheater?

I'm certain we should all say "Yep, I'm a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!" But the people who can look so darn good have simply reverted to eating their vegetables and fruits.


2014-06-30 04:02:49
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