Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises have been around for a VERY long time requiring little to no equipment. Think of the men and women serving in the military - There's more to body weight exercises than the push-up and chin-up.

  • Plank (pump it up by doing the single leg version)

  • Burpee (great cardio)

  • Dragon Walk (challenging exercise)

  • Pike Roll-Out (rolling all the way back adds extra punch)

  • V-Sit (hold it!)

Challenging your core is a great way to get started and there are many versions of these exercises to consider. (Simply removing a jump and adding a knee bend reduces impact for those experiencing joint issues.)

Check-out this series of YouTube videos from Tee Majors: [youtube=>

If you're unfamiliar with these exercises, find a friendly trainer or watch yourself complete each movement in-front of a mirror to reduce the risk of injury.
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