Breast Pain and Exercise

Reading an article from the New York Times, The Problem of Breast Pain in Women Who Exercise,

I wonder how many women chronically experience this issue . . . AND does it ONLY pertain to female runners?

A snippet from the article:
So they surveyed almost 1,300 of the women registered for the race and learned, as their new study, published in March in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, makes clear, that exercise does significantly impact breast pain and vice versa.

It should surprise no one, of course, that exercise influences breasts, just as it does virtually every tissue in the male and female body.

Female breast tissue is unusual, however, being weighty, even in small-breasted women, but with little natural anatomical support. As a result, unconstrained breasts move independently when a woman does, and that movement is exacerbated during exercise.

It seems the more vigorous and strenuous the exercise, the more our bodies respond with soreness and pain in various parts of the body. Maybe the question should be less about the types of exercise women engage in when experiencing soreness and breast pain and MORE about how sports gear should be manufactured to support a woman's lifestyle and figure?

Does breast pain keep YOU from leading an active lifestyle?
2013-06-20 05:57:01
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