Clean Eating Food Pyramid

Working in the health and fitness industry, I've always had a moderately clean diet. Going the extra mile to completely remove refined sugar and processed foods made a HUGE difference.

  • I learned eating clean feels good inside my body. In the beginning, the main drawback was an icky (gasssyy) tummy - oh my! It only took 3 days for that part to go away, but overall my body felt better on day 2.
  • The hardest transition toward completely eating clean was finding healthy substitutions, so I didn't feel deprived. After all, this isn't a diet - it's a lifestyle change. As noted on the Easy Chili recipe under "Eats," refined sugar can be replaced with raw honey or agave nectar and plain Greek yogurt is a good replacement for ricotta cheese and sour cream on potatoes, chili, or in recipes.
  • The Clean Eating magazine helped kick-off my journey with the two-week meal planner and abundant recipe collection. While I didn't follow the planner step-by-step, I picked my way through letting my taste buds guide me.

If you have an inclination, give it a try. . . The only thing you have to lose is a little extra belly fat :D




Food Pyramid for Eating Clean



2012-11-05 16:26:41
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