Colorado Bound

This past week we traveled to Colorado. Our children (9 and 12) had never seen mountains before, so we decided it was a good time to travel the 14 hours by car. One of the most memorable moments was riding through the mountains on horseback. We took a wonderful tour and learned a lot about the natural resources and history of Colorado.

We noticed a lot of devastation due to a storm last year that wiped out large portions of roads and trees high up in the peaks. In a span of minutes, a sunny, bright afternoon can transform into a dark and dangerous fight for life. I was amazed every time I saw a person biking through the mountains. Not just because of the level of difficulty, but also because of the potentially treacherous conditions. Wowza!

In Boulder, it was common to see a woman biking about town with a Yoga mat strapped to her back or running along the wide open road. Definitely a stark contrast to Minnesotan's, as most women tote a mat in the trunk of her car. If you plan to visit this glorious state, be sure to look along the roadside for friends as you will not find them in the weight room ;)

2014-07-07 15:34:13
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