Core - Dead Bug!
Dead Bug

As part of maintaining personal training certification requirements, I attended two fabulous continuing education training sessions this past weekend. The most FUN session was, by far, CORE BOOT CAMP!!

While it was SUPER fun to get a great workout and engage with leaders in the health and fitness industry, I enjoyed bringing it all back to the basics of teaching client's how to understand their body posture and alignment and engage core strength. Many fitness approaches can be thrown around haphazardly in the fitness world, but being able to fully understand and successfully apply different types of training such as functional, plyometric, balance, agility and coordination are key to being a great personal trainer.

Bring back the DEAD Bug! There are many variations of this fabulous favorite core exercise. (The image above is just one example.) It is essential to pull the belly button into the spine and hold it, while continuing to breathe, and maintain the lower lumbar curve of the spine. This is a great beginner exercise as the back is supported by the floor and helps to focus strength to the center (core) of the body. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the transverse abdominis, the deepest layer of abdominal muscles, to stabilize the spine. Incorporate this fun exercise into your workout today!!


2013-02-18 18:43:09
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