Eating healthy, but still not losing weight?

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In my continuous quest to find resources for clients and family, I ran across Lyn-Genet Recitas book "The Plan."

This book would be good for a person that eats healthy, tracks their food, exercises, but still hasn't lost weight.

There are step-by-step instructions on issues such as understanding the health of your thyroid (metabolism regulation), eliminating inflammation from foods that your body may not tolerate well, and practical advice about how to either eliminate or lessen physical reactions to outdoor allergens.

I like the easy approach Recitas takes to guide readers through various problem solving techniques. She also provides an easy equation to understand how much water to drink each day and ideas on how to get it in.

I took Recitas advice and realized that I needed to stop drinking water past 7:30 p.m., so I can get better sleep at night.

Book Premise: Eating healthy food does not make us fat, but eating foods that cause inflammation results in water retention and weight gain.

If you've read this book, please share your thoughts and experiences. Have a great day ;)

2013-07-17 05:10:31
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The Plan brings readers to a baseline diet for 3 days to reduce any inflammation currently happening in the body. Readers gradually test specific foods for possible inflammatory response. Eventually, the reader ends up understanding which foods create negative reactions for their body and learn how to handle them effectively when it does occur to minimize symptoms. The goal is to Form a diet that works with the body and no longer causes illness.
I realized that black beans, apples and roasted nuts (not raw) were driving my system crazy! Now I have a quiet content body.