Happy Women Take Breaks

“The Marriage Sabbatical: The Journey That Brings You Home” by Cheryl Jarvis is an intriguing read. The-Marriage-Sabbatical

“The Marriage Sabbatical is a journalistic exploration of married women leaving home to pursue a dream, conquer a challenge, nurture a talent, or find themselves.”

The concept of this book does NOT focus on unhappy women looking for a way out of their marriage, but rather discusses the idea that happy married women sometimes need a “break” from their daily routine of being a mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, etc. Since these women are happy, they still work while away to maintain the commitment to their lifelong relationship with their partner. (A much different idea than the movie "Hall Pass!")

Jarvis discusses the psychological and physical “pull” men and women feel when caring for others. It drills down on how it feels to have that constant pressure of responsibility. Since Jarvis is a woman, mother, daughter, etc., it focuses mostly on women’s roles. However, it is painfully clear that many men have these same interpersonal conflicts.

I find this book interesting because it is written for people that are happy in their relationships and deeply love the people in their lives, but often forget (or blow off) personal desires in order to keep everyone else happy and moving forward.

What do YOU think about this controversial concept of women leaving home for weeks, months, and years to find themselves?
2013-07-01 07:46:50
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