Nutrition for Weight Loss

Do YOU consider yourself active or athletic . . .  If NOT, are you confused which foods to eat to lose or maintain a healthy weight?

This week's posts have been geared toward understanding a healthy diet for various athletic lifestyles, but what about for weight loss?

The core diet information is the same - we MUST eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean meats.

Difference: To lose weight, we need to focus on portion control, eliminating or reducing simple carbohydrates and sugar for long-term results.

Sadly, eating cookies, cake, soda, crackers, chips, white bread, alcohol, and similar foods make us fat. While there's nothing wrong with having a treat. It's important to realize that "a treat" is something we do not eat on a daily or weekly basis.

portion control
2013-05-31 07:13:11
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