Summer Crash

Summer went by in a flash with kids home and daily activities. Not all fun and games because I let my guard down this past month and went down a poor diet spiral. Eating out, summer cocktails, and carbs - oh my!

Cleanup Time

Reigning in and getting back into the swing of a healthy diet needed to happen ASAP. This comes down to a few necessary eliminations:

1) refined sugar

2) gluten

3) alcohol

4) sodium

And a few necessary additions:

  • more leafy green vegetables
  • lifting heavy weights (minimum 3 days per week)

Cardiovascular exercise is great for the heart, but lean muscle dramatically increases metabolism. Sadly the body doesn't respond overnight, but within a short period of time feelings of lethargy and bloating disappear to be replaced by muscle definition, energy, and less restrictive clothing ;)

Seems easy in theory, but consistency is key. The longer we let things go, the more time it takes to get back into shape. A common misconception from avid exercisers is an idea of invincibility, "I can eat anything I want." The body will catch up.

If you're working toward getting back in shape and need a little motivation, stop back!


2014-09-03 17:51:49
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It's a constant battle. Wishing you success!
I'm happy to help in any way I can. We all have challenges and no one is perfect. Hang in there :)
I just found your blog and its just what I needed. I am excited to follow you. I have been trying to change my ways and focus on health since January. Hitting the gym 4 days a week and trying
to eat healthier, but still an up and down fighting old habits. Thank you for taking time to blog.
I am on board with you - taking the time to assess, re-assess as needed, make the plan and work the plan. Food and exercise are key to feeling better.