Reduce Salt to Lose Weight

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As a personal trainer, I never recommend a quick fix weight loss approach because it isn't sustainable. An important component to losing weight is keeping a daily food journal, but simply reducing salt intake helps shed that extra fat layer.

An excellent article giving more in-depth information on reducing salt intake can be found at LIVESTRONG.COM. A quick outline:

  1. Keep track of your salt.

  2. Take the salt shaker off your table.

  3. Use fresh herbs instead of salt to season your food.

  4. Choose foods naturally low in fat (such as fresh meat, fish, eggs, blackberries, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce varieties, and tomatoes).

  5. Reduce extra condiments: ketchup, mustard, pickles, and dressings because they're laced with sodium that adds up fast.

  6. Skip salty snacks (salted nuts, processed snacks, and chips). Instead choose unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, herbal tea or black coffee.

  7. Eat foods with lots of water like celery, berries, and melon.

Before making any drastic diet or exercise changes be sure to ask yourself:

If the answers to the top 2 questions are "No," then it's best to avoid that approach because it's not a good solution for YOU.

Have a happy, healthy weekend!!