The Chemistry of Calm

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My objective during motherhood has been to cope with personal feelings without letting them show to my kids. However, during the last few months it has been an increasing struggle to keep myself composed when faced with an emerging teenager.

Have you noticed mother-and-daughter relationships seem to have a higher incidence of butting heads than mother-and-son relationships and vice versa for father-son relationships?

In an attempt to figure out how to tone-down my stress reactions, a friend recommended “The Chemistry of Calm” by Henry Emmons, M.D.

While a significant portion of the information written in the book isn’t new (to me), I learned there are a few more things I can do to calm my stress response. (In addition to continuing to take the correct dosage of vitamin and minerals each day.)

Since I prefer a natural approach to health and wellness, the ideas presented in Dr. Emmons’ book are more palatable than seeking a prescription. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that approach, it just isn’t my preference.)

The ideas pertain to people that have recently experienced a very stressful situation, series of stressful situations, sleep issues, regular night waking, extreme stress responses, etc. I highly recommend reading this if you’re interested in learning whether you’re taking enough Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc. (“The Chemistry of Calm” can also be found at the library in the U.S.)

Subjects highlighted in the book are:

  1. Balance Brain Chemistry

  2. Manage Energy

  3. Align Yourself with Nature

  4. Quiet Your Mind

  5. Face Your Emotions

  6. Cultivate a Good Heart

  7. Create Deep Connections (and a sense of belonging in the world)


The positive points outweigh the negatives when reading this book because it’s a short read. It’s easy to navigate specific sections that apply to what’s happening in your life.

As with anything, I highly recommend conducting additional research prior to making any major health changes.

If you’ve read this book, please share your comments.