So, You Hate to Exercise? Circuit Train

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Reading through the rack of get fit magazines (Shape, Fitness, etc.) boasting a quick burn 250 calories in 20 minutes - Fact or Fiction? YOU DECIDE!

If you dislike exercise, a quick, calorie blasting workout is circuit training. (No special equipment needed.) Take activities you can do (walk, march, stair climb, jumping jacks, the Twist, jump rope, skip) and alternate two activities with one strength exercise (such as crunches, push-ups (modified or regular), plank, and lunges) put them together starting with one of your easiest activities first and gradually increase the activity to something more difficult for you.

1. Write down 7-10 activities you can do and 4-5  strength exercises.

2. Cut out each idea from a piece of paper and place them in front of you.

3. Organize them this way: 1) easy, 2) harder, 3) hardest, 4) easier, and 5) easiest.

4. Find an area free of clutter (5 feet is good). Set each piece of paper in order around you - alternate 2 -1 exercises with cardio and strength.

5. Get out your egg timer and set it to ring at 1 minute intervals to start. Each time the timer rings, move on to the next exercise. You pick the exercises you like best and do them again. It's THAT EASY! As the workout gets easier, write down different exercises or increase to 1 and 1/2 minute intervals.

Getting kids involved can be a good way to feel motivated and make exercise fun!

Before and after each workout drink plenty of water and stretch. (For more information, look above under "News." Select articles on stretching and water intake.)

Do you have different ideas that work for you? Share them here.

Do you have specific questions regarding circuit training? Just ask!

Modified Push-up

Basic Crunch

Forward Lunge

Plank Basic Plank