V-Sit Exercise

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Who would've thought the V-Sit exercise would be so unpopular at Core Boot Camp Class? It's a difficult exercise targeting deep abdominal and low back muscles, but, Ladies, it's PRECISELY what we need to minimize the baby pouch!

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Embracing the V-Sit Up

As I've said many times, the average couch-potato may not be able to get up and run a mile in one day, so learning to modify a difficult exercise is a great way to get started toward reaching the goal.

There are several ways to modify the V-Sit Up. Notice the image below: hands supporting low back muscles, knees bent, chest up, head in a neutral position (in-line with the spine), and belly button pulled-in (engaging abdominal muscles and protecting the spine).

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Once this move has been mastered, modify by slowly extending each leg with toes pointed. Work toward holding this position 30-60 seconds while maintaining even breathing.

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While the arms are positioned straight in the photo above, notice the legs are extended, chest up, head in neutral, and belly button pulled-in to the spine. From this position, slowly work toward extending one arm and then the other. Maintaining this position for increments of 10 seconds and working toward 30-60 seconds is the goal.

Go ahead, give it a whirl - may find yourself with a flatter mid-section and stronger core!