Couple Action

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Core Boot Camp in Hopkins, MN had our first (hopefully of many) husband and wife duo! It was fun to watch them interact through exercise, play, and challenge one another.

A few of the exercises we did:

Squat Jump High Five

Plank Ball Pass

Beginning in a plank position, partners face each other and pass a medicine ball back and forth. Looks can be deceiving, as this is a challenging exercise requiring each person to maintain a stable plank position (keeping the glutes from sinking or lifting too high) for one full minute and move on command without collapsing.


First partners begin back-to-back with the objective of passing a dumbbell over his/her head to their opponent and the second partner passes the dumbbell back between their legs. Passing a dumbbell of any kind requires concentration to pull the belly button into the spine, while squeezing the glutes to keep the spine stabilized.

Invincible Sprints
Much the same as a relay race using cones, pairs take turns sprinting and resting. One partner is at the start line and the other partner starts at cone #2. Once the first partner reaches the second cone, partner number 2 sprints to cone #3. Giving each person a second or two to catch their breath. (Courtesy of