Stop Making Excuses!

Author: fitgirltraining posted in Uncategorised on 2014-09-07 20:10:53

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We've heard it a million times . . . if you want to reach your goals, stop making excuses and just get your workout done.

I'm here to admit - it can be really hard! When someone in my life needs something, I jump and put myself on the back burner. (Sadly, the back burner gets turned off at night.)

It helps having the kids back at school, but that doesn't stop the mental excuses on busy days.


Do what you can with the time available and move on
Focus your energy on a basic workout session
15-20 minutes of Yoga will do wonders!

"Excuses" turn into set backs and we all know it. The point is to just keep going and do your best. Not every single workout will be spectacular because life gets in the way. Stopping derails all your effort up to that point and makes getting back on take WAY longer!

So there you have it, my excuses for everyone to see. Feel free to share your excuses, no judgments ;)

Wishing you bountiful energy and drive to get on track and stay there!!